Fusion Media Group (FMG) is a growing media company that caters to the young, affluent, diverse, well-educated audiences that are shaping our future. Our portfolio of influential, authentic brands speaks to our audiences’ passions and shared values through fearless journalism, great storytelling, smart satire, top-notch production quality, and much, much more.

The teams behind our digital sites (under Gizmodo Media Group and Onion Inc.), cable network (Fusion), in-house production studio (Story House Entertainment), branded content studios (Onion Labs and Studio@Gizmodo), and proprietary publishing platform (Kinja) are made up of writers, producers, designers, data scientists, product managers, engineers, marketers, brand strategists, and more, representing a wide-range of backgrounds, experiences, and expertise.

Our diverse team is what propels FMG to connect with over one-third of the U.S. population every month, regularly reaching 100M+ unique visitors a month on our digital sites, and tens of millions of homes through our cable network as well as Netflix, Amazon, and other third-party platforms.

If you’re excited to join one of the largest media companies in the U.S., to work with iconic brands, and to promote honest conversations, independent journalism, and innovation in our industry – then we definitely want to hear from you! Please check out our open roles below.